Tweet of the Day, Dear Lord, Don’t Let It Suck edition.

Please. Please.

Tales From the Loop is a pretty cool art project (and later, RPG setting) that got Kickstarted a while back; I’d love to see them make it as sort of a… we need a good “-punk” term to describe the 1980s. “Synthpunk?” “Reaganpunk?” “Headroompunk?”  Lemme think about it.  — Anyway, if it’s on Amazon, they can market it as an answer to Stranger Things and it’ll be OK: Stranger Things and Tales From the Loop are drawing from the same well, after all.

So: please, Lord, don’t let it suck.


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  • Canthros says:

    I like ‘synthpunk’, though I’m not sure I feel good about -punk as the suffix for intentionally zeerusty scifi. That ship obviously sailed ages ago, of course.

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