I made that cherry [strawberry] pie again, only this time I put it in a chocolate graham cracker crust.  And since I had two crusts, I took the second one and made a no-cook chocolate Jello pudding pie.  Only for that one, I used heavy whipping cream instead of milk, just because I wanted to see what happens.

I have absolutely no idea what will happen.  It’s all very exciting!

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  • jeboyle says:


  • nicklevi86 says:

    Yes, We must find out the results of these varying ingredients. For SCIENCE!

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Turns out using whipping cream for milk produces something that might have been mousse, if I wasn’t using Jello pudding. Tasty, but a little uncanny valley going on, there.

  • JustDave says:

    I have it on good authority that it’s very unusual for pie experimentation to unleash eldritch horrors, so you’re probably okay.


    Scones, on the other hand…

  • jeboyle says:

    Well, alright…as long as it is for SCIENCE!

    And now I want scones.

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