Barbara Hamilton [250 pt] [GURPS 4e].

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Barbara Hamilton

Attributes [80]: ST 10, DX 11 [20], IQ 13 [60], HT 10

Social Background:

TL: 8 [0]
Cultural Familiarities: (All)
Languages: Arabic (Native) [4]; English (Native) [0]; French (Native) [4]; Hindustani (Native) [4]; Mandarin (Native) [4]; Spanish (Native) [4].

Advantages [177]: Appearance (Beautiful) [12], Charisma (2) [10], Cultural Adaptability [10], Language Talent [10], Musical Ability (4) [20], Pitiable [5], Smooth Operator (4) [60], Social Chameleon [5], Unfazeable [15], Voice [10]

Perks [3]: Honest Face [1], Penetrating Voice [1], Shtick (always has something to write on and with) [1]

Disadvantages [-45]: Bad Sight (Nearsighted) (Glasses) [-10], Code of Honor (Honorable Operative) [-10], Curious (12 or less) [-5], Fanaticism (Benevolent Conspiracy) [-15], Selfless (12 or less) [-5]

Quirks [-5]: Broad-Minded [-1], Imaginative [-1], Prefers pencils to pens [-1], Responsive [-1], Trademark: blue dress and silver jewelry [-1]

Skills [40]: Acting IQ/A – IQ+3 16 [1]*, Administration IQ/A – IQ-1 12 [1], Brawling DX/E – DX+1 12 [2], Carousing HT/E – HT+4 14 [1]*, Detect Lies Per/H – Per+3 16 [2]*, Diplomacy IQ/H – IQ+7 20 [8]*/**, Fast-Talk IQ/A – IQ+5 18 [1] */**, Guns/TL8 (Pistol) DX/E – DX+3 14 [8], Intimidation Will/A – Will+3 16 [1]*, Leadership IQ/A – IQ+5 18 [1]*/**, Mimicry (Speech) IQ/H – IQ+1 14 [2]**, Musical Composition IQ/H – IQ+2 15 [1]***, Musical Instrument (Guitar) IQ/H – IQ+2 15 [1]***, Panhandling IQ/E – IQ+7 20 [1]*/**/****, Performance IQ/A – IQ+1 14 [1]**, Politics IQ/A – IQ+5 18 [1]*/**, Public Speaking IQ/A – IQ+7 20 [1]*/**, Savoir-Faire (High Society) IQ/E – IQ+5 18 [2]*, Sex Appeal (Human) HT/A – HT+10 20 [2]*/**/******, Singing HT/E – HT+6 16 [1]**/***, Streetwise IQ/A – IQ+3 16 [1]*

*Includes: +4 from ‘Smooth Operator.’

**Includes: +2 from ‘Voice’

***Includes: +4 from ‘Musical Ability.’
****includes: +1 from ‘Pitiable’
*****Includes: +2 from ‘Charisma’
******Includes +4 from ‘Appearance’

Stats [80] Ads [177] Disads [-45] Quirks [-5] Skills [40] = Total [250]

Barbara Hamilton is who They send when they want to make a good first impression.  The exact They is up to the campaign; but if there’s a conspiratological group out there with an interest in trying persuasion before coercion, they’ll send somebody like Barbara.  Typically with her full approval, and enthusiastic agreement.

While Barbara is beautiful, in a very winsome way, her secret weapon is that she is simply… very good at getting along with people.  Barbara can instinctively find a place for herself in virtually any culture or society on earth; give her a week, and it’ll be like she was there forever. It’s difficult to dislike her, and virtually impossible to hate her, and most people don’t even bother to try.  Likewise, Barbara likes most people. She’s certainly not judgmental about them; the top of the social pyramid, the bottom of the heap, it’s all the same to her, in the end. People are people.

Barbara Hamilton, however, is not a pushover.  She is, in fact, a committed and even fanatical member of her game-specific conspiracy, and consciously strives to be a credit to that conspiracy.  Neither is she particularly pacifistic; in fact, the operative is amazingly good at terrifying people, at need. Barbara doesn’t use violence as a tool, mostly because she’s only mediocre at it while being very good at other, less violent skills.  And she doesn’t like being violent, either. But if it has to be done, it has to be done.

Barbara spends a bit of time doing her best to make sure that it doesn’t have to be done. After all, she’s neither a fighter nor an assassin.  And it’s so much easier on everybody when it all ends in smiles and sincere wishes for safe travels.

Customization: If increasing to 300 points: first, add a suitable Patron and Duty (Barbara’s typically not involved in anything that’s very dangerous, but she is usually constantly on duty).  After that, put a point or two in things like Current Affairs, Connoisseur, Computer Operation, Law, Research; any skills that might impact her current missions. Put whatever’s left over into either Charisma, or give her a couple of extra languages.  Above 300 points, add Combat Reflexes, increase her Attributes by a level or two, and improve/add combat skills.


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