The ‘Ready Player One’ Honest Trailer.

I’ve been skipping this movie. That’s a good call, right?

This Honest Trailer suggests that it might be a good call after all.  I mean, I got nothing against nostalgia.  But I do have a problem with Crapsack Worlds, particularly when they’re supposed to be looming reflections of this one.  Since I happen to be living in the middle of a freaking Golden Age, and I know it, it grates a little.

I dunno.  Maybe people just need to get off of my lawn, or something.


  • Compound says:

    I liked the movie. I went to see it because I so thoroughly disliked the book and I wanted to see if Spielberg could salvage the usable core of the novel from the muck around it. And it ended up enjoyable. Not earth-shattering , but worth the time to see it at least.
    And the book, while portraying the would as crapsack, still apparently has Amazon overnight shipments. Cline just doesn’t do “the world is awful” very well.
    Also, Mike Nelson hated the book, so the Rifftrax of this likely will be magnificent.

  • Aruges says:

    Speaking of the RP1 book, Mike Nelson (of MST3K fame) did podcast series on it while he read through it. It’s called “372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back” http://372pages.com/ Pretty brutal and fun, as you’d expect.

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