They’re gonna make a… Kraven the Hunter movie?

Sony, that is.  Part of the ‘Sony Marvel Universe,’ because why not? “The long-time Spider-Man villain, whose real name is Sergei Kravinoff, was a Russian aristocrat who became obsessed with big game hunting. He eventually develops superpowers after taking an elixir from the Voodoo priest Calypso.” …I’m detecting a theme, here.  Sony seems pretty determined to work up the Marvel villains they have a bit more than… well, OK, they only have Spider-Man on the heroe side, so that makes sense.  Expect a lot of tortured anti-hero and villainous movies, then!  And then, when they’ve got that settled, Spider-Man can come back and battle the Sinister Six until the end of time.

Hrm.  That might actually work.

Still, Kraven the Hunter without Squirrel Girl is gonna not be as fun.  And she’s NOT Sony.  Not at all.


  • Belcatar says:

    Ok…so the Marvel Barrel has a bottom after all. May the scrapings come out well.

    • Jon says:

      Oh no. No no no, there are far lower bottoms that Marvel could plumb than Kraven.
      Point A: This is Sony plumbing the depths of the material they have left, with the understanding they must play nice with Spidey or lose a revenue stream.
      Point B: Kraven is a character who’s known to Spidey comics fans, and his showing up in Squirrel Girl is also a sign of his nerd cred.
      Point C: If Sony learned to play ball with Marvel in a real way, the Mouse could be convinced to share top-tier villains. What will come of the Venom debacle is still TBD, but it looks of similar quality to the not-Amazing Spider-Man series of which I watched zero movies.

      • Belcatar says:

        Well, there’s Damon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. There’s Fing Fang Foom. ROM. And of course…Dazzler.

        But I don’t know if Sony has those characters.

        • junior says:

          Dazzler’s with the X-Men. ROM might be a toy license.

          Damon Hellstrom, on the other hand, is a possible guest star on Jessica Jones, since his ex-wife is Patsy Walker.

          • Belcatar says:

            Namor is somewhere near the bottom of the barrel too.

          • Compound says:

            Namor is currently at the center of “rights ownership” hell. He’s not showing up anywhere

          • Moe_Lane says:

            Is it like the Hulk? Marvel owns [the character], [but] Universal owns the distribution rights to a solo Hulk movie, Marvel will never ever ever do a solo Hulk movie because of it?

          • junior says:

            I should probably clarify my “toy license” comment for ROM. IIRC, ROM literally started out as a toy. And said toy then had its own comic book tie-in. Of course, given that the toy line has been dead for decades, anyone who was interested in it could probably license it for pretty cheap – assuming you could figure out who actually holds the license these days (and that might not be easy). Though I’m not sure why anyone would *want* to…

            As for Dazzler –

            I think a lot of fun could be had with that one with the right script writer. Do it as a TV series, though, about a struggling female musician named Alison Blaire, friend and sometime bouncer Guido, fellow musician Lila Cheney… and a mysterious blond guy who seems to have the most phenomenal luck.

  • junior says:

    Kraven could be good. Kind of like a villainious Batman. But with Sony’s record, they’ll probably screw it up.

    As for heroes, Spidey might not be the only one in Sony’s stable. He’s got a small group of heroes in his corner, ranging from reformed villains to various female spider-themed heroes (ironically, Spiderwoman is not one of them). Sony might have access to the women. They definitely have access to the reformed villains, though it’d take a film or two to bring them over to the side of the good guys.

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