Birds of Prey update: no Batgirl, villain to be Black Mask.

Interesting. No Catwoman, either:  Birds of Prey will feature Harley Quinn, Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya, who *I* remember as the smart Gotham City cop in The New Batman Adventures but who is apparently the second Question in regular continuity (also, gay**).  According to the the gestalt of the various synopses and revelations out there, these four will be teaming up to save a child Cassandra Cain (who later grows up to be a Batgirl) from the crime boss Black Mask. 

I remember Black Mask from The Batman*.  He’d be a lot more effective as a villain if the idiot would just stop making sure his minions suffered the final price for failure.  So don’t expect him to make it through the movie, is what I’m saying.

All in all, I’m generally cool with all of this.  Then again, I liked Suicide Squad… and so did a lot of other people, dammit: that movie made its money back for the studio.  Keep Jared Leto out of this and up the action time-on-screen a bit and it’ll be fine.

Moe Lane

*Which was not bad!  I didn’t think that I’d like it, but it had a good vibe going there.

**Birds of Prey is going to be rated R. Now, you might very well think that Hollywood will take advantage of this rating to get in a little of the old fanservice there and call it being ‘affirming;’ but I couldn’t possibly comment.

2 thoughts on “Birds of Prey update: no Batgirl, villain to be Black Mask.”

  1. Last I’d heard (which admittedly was a *very* long time ago – the same time she became The Question, in fact), Montoya was dating the (at the time) new Batwoman. So it’s possible that we might get a cameo of the latter in her civilian identity.

  2. But if we keep Jared Leto out of this, Black Mask won’t find out what happens when he gives the Joker the glass of water he asks for.

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