Took a mental health night, watched Winter Soldier.

Finished the table, got it stabilized, then said Now that I can access my DVD drive again (long story) I’m going to actually watch Captain America: Winter Soldier.  …I’ve said this before, but: it’s a damned solid film.  Not just as a MCU flick, not just as a superhero flick, not even just as a Captain America/Black Widow/Falcon flick; this movie is one of the things that Disney/Marvel have been doing right with the MCU.  They gave us a classy paranoia spy flick with all the trimmings, and it’s worth seeing if you haven’t yet.

Many people have also said this, but: the MCU shines best in the movies that aren’t Avengers flicks.  Which I like, mind you.  But I like stuff like this more.

One thought on “Took a mental health night, watched Winter Soldier.”

  1. This movie came as a shock the first time I saw it, it so not what I was expecting.

    As you say, a solid film all around.

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