Talents for Steampunk Campaigns [GURPS 4e]

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Talents for Steampunk Campaigns

These are, as always, not incompatible with each other.  Some Mad Scientists are also Mad Engineers, some Two-Fisted Explorers have Academic pretensions, and Lady Adventurer is often merely an emergency backup contingency.

  • Academic: People with this Talent often do not wish to adventure, but are often brought on adventures anyway because of their particular skill set.  Skills: Anthropology, Architecture, Astronomy, Cryptography, Esoteric Medicine, Hidden Lore, History, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Occultism, Research.  Reaction bonus: others in their fields, people who respect teachers and professors. [10pt]
  • Journalist: Journalists are always chasing the latest scoop, even if they have to make it themselves.  They get in and out of trouble with remarkable speed. Skills: Current Affairs, Detect Lies, Fast-Talk, Observation, Propaganda, Writing. Reaction bonus: devoted readers, a remarkable number of dangerous people who laugh delightedly and admirably at the sight of reckless indifference to personal safety. [5pt]
  • Lady Adventurer: Unkind people call these people ‘adventuresses.’  Sensible people do not make one their enemy. Skills: Acting, Connoisseur, Dancing, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Escape, Filch, Lip-Reading, Makeup, Savoir-Faire, Search, Sex-Appeal. Reaction bonus: impressionable youths, men of a certain age and status.  [10pt]
  • Mad Engineer: They are not Mad Scientists! Blast your eyes, they actually know make things! Skills: Armoury, Electrician, Engineer, Explosives, Machinist, Mechanic. Reaction bonus: venture capitalists, people who like gadgets. [5pt]
  • Mad Scientist: Not all Mad Scientists are evil, but most of them are at least unusual. Skills: Biology, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Physics, Metallurgy, Scrounging. Reaction bonus: students, open-minded scientists. [5pt]
  • Rigger: These fellows are generally the crew of airships or aerial flyers or whatnot.  They work for a living.  Skills: Climbing, Crewman (Airshipman), Freight Handling, Gunner, Knot-Tying, Parachuting. Reaction Bonus: other airshipmen, soldiers generally. [5pt]
  • Two-Fisted Explorer: Those with this Talent probably do have an academic background, but they’re happier in the field. Skills: Archeology, Area Knowledge, Boating, Cartography, Disguise, Gesture, Hiking, Naturalist, Navigation, Survival, Swimming, Tracking. Reaction bonus: locals who you’ve dealt fairly with, people who think that tomb-raiding is romantic. [10pt]


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