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Grounded Earth Kung Fu [20/25]

The first thing that people do when they hear that there is a martial art designed for people with psionic powers is to be mildly surprised that psions would need a martial art in the first place.  The second thing that people do is assume that said martial art must be about building willpower and improving mental discipline and only incidentally about combat.  That is only a half-safe assumption, as many a person has painfully learned after encountering a Grounded Earth adept. Those who follow this style are not typically brutal in their personal lives (brutality is not a good reproductive strategy for someone with psionic powers), but they are usually unsentimental,  and often in a hurry.

Grounded Earth Kung Fu teaches three things: how to grab people; how not to be grabbed; and how to inflict pain on your opponent once you’ve grabbed him.  Pain is a very handy way to disrupt the use of psionic powers, which is why wrestling moves in general are taught; Grounded Earth adepts are also taught the use of the cloak, tonfa, and whip for absolutely pragmatic reasons.  This is not a pretty style, nor is it a particularly nice one. Coupled with even a reasonable amount of psionic ability, and it can be extremely deadly. In fact, it’s fairly deadly even without psionic aid.


The cinematic version of this style is supposedly only available to powerful psions, and may not even exist.  With enough psionic power and skill, all sorts of nearly miraculous abilities are possible, anyway.


Skills: Cloak, Judo, Tonfa, Wrestling, Whip


Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting, Body Control, Mental Strength, Precognitive Parry, Sensitivity


Maneuvers: Arm Lock (Judo), Armed Grapple (Cloak), Choke Hold (Judo), Crack, Disarm (Tonfa), Elbow Drop (Wrestling), Entangle (Whip), Evade (Judo), Feint (Judo), Finger Lock, Head Lock (Judo), Knee Drop (Wrestling), Sweep (Judo), Trip (Wrestling)


The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

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