I’m not sure I like the remastered look of this Batman: The Animated Series.

It’s complicated.

The basic problem here is that I was not always entirely thrilled with the animation of the original Batman: The Animated Series.  Now, let me be clear about this.  I watched all four seasons when it came out.  Avidly.  It absolutely deserves the praise that it gets for its story lines, characterizations, and mood.  But, they were still working out the mechanics of the animation style, and I don’t think that they got it fully down until their Superman and Batman Beyond series (which I also watched avidly*, and for the same reasons**).

I dunno if remastering is going to fix those rough spots.  I think, in fact, that they will make them a bit more obvious.   Which is kind of unfair, because the series was ridiculously good.  Guess we’ll see when it comes out in October.

Moe Lane

*Old Grumpy Bruce is very possibly the Best Bruce.

**I don’t understand why they can’t make good DCEU Batman/Superman movies, in fact: there’s been thirty years of excellent shows on TV.  Raid the animation side for talent, damn your eyes!

2 thoughts on “I’m not sure I like the remastered look of this Batman: The Animated Series.”

  1. On the one hand, I like the dark and dingy version currently on Amazon prime. On the other hand, sometimes it is impossible to tell what is going on. On the gripping hand, I love the setting of Batman in a 1920s pastiche and wish more Batman stuff followed suit.

  2. I disagree because the art style spoke to me as a yoot, but YMMV. That said, what they changed in the remaster with the display of shadows throws off the art deco effect and turns it more realistic. Which is not what I want.
    Thankfully the character designs seem to be the same. That’s central to the style appeal for me.

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