Go ahead. Make another Police Academy movie.

I dare youI double-dog dare you.  I don’t know if anybody’s told the Police Academy people yet, but 1980s-style raunchy comedies are pretty much impossible to reproduce in today’s cinematic environment.  Don’t believe me? Go watch Police Academy and Police Academy 2 (the only two of the bunch that were underrated by the critics, in my opinion*), and ask yourself: who the heck would sign up for that kind of insta-kill career suicide these days?

Not that our current cinematic ecosystem is all high-minded, or anything.  It’s absolutely not.  But the people who want to produce the more, ah, earthy kind of comedic films do it in ways that don’t trigger the taboos of our current scolding caste.  As it is, if they go ahead with this project they’d be lucky if a mob of rampaging sheet-sniffers didn’t burn down the set.

Moe Lane

*Bobcat Goldthwait admittedly saved the second film, which is also admittedly only somewhat underrated by the critics.


  • Rockphed says:

    … They could make it a hidden camera documentary where they film the aforementioned sheet sniffers burning down the set.

  • bensdad00 says:

    ‘Tis sacrilege in some parts to say, but Police Academy is a better movie than Stripes. They’re both very quotable, and funny, and have the same basic plot and structure (amusing misfits learning a trade despite leaderships loathing for them), but PA is a film, while Stripes is two separate shorts jammed together ala Full Metal Jacket.

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