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Veklumph [35pt]


Advantages: 360 Degree Vision [20], 3D Spatial Sense [10], Absolute Timing [2], Improved G-Tolerance [.5G] [10], Veklumph Talent [5].


Veklumph Talent: Climbing, Navigation (Space), Piloting (All types), Tactics (Space). Bonus: Other species’ pilots. 5 points.  (Note that this is not the same as Hot Pilot [GURPS Space, page 220].  The two Talents stack, but the bonus to Gunner means that Hot Pilot is very rare among Veklumph.)

Disadvantages: Easy to Read [-10]


Quirks: Loud [-1], Indifferent shots [-1]


Appearance: Veklumph are centauroids with multiple small legs like a caterpillar, and two grasping hands on the torso.  Veklumph have eyestalks and a smooth hide that involuntarily changes color, based on current emotional mood. Veklumph are omnivores with similar biochemical requirements to humanity’s (they likely share a common biological ancestor via panspermia), but they prefer environments that are hotter and wetter than Earth’s.  Lifespan is roughly equivalent to that of most other species on the Galactic scene.


Racial Personality: Reasonably compatible with most other species. Veklumph are not particularly prone to antisocial or violent behavior, have a recognizable moral and ethical sense, and are not considered to be especially obnoxious, except for their tendency to shout a lot (a relic of their home planet, which is a very loud place generally).  One notable difference: their involuntary color-changes make Veklumph horrible liars in person, which is why they tend to associate clothing with skullduggery. Essentially, the less clothing a Veklumph wears, the more open and trustworthy he is perceived to be.


The Veklumph produce the best pilots in the known Galaxy — and they’ll absolutely let you know it, too. Their bodies handle acceleration well (surprisingly well, considering the eyestalks), they have an instinctive sense of timing and position that perfectly translates to tactical spaceflight, and their increased field of vision makes it extremely difficult for them to be surprised.  Any species that is at all friendly with Veklumph makes sure that their ships’ standard pilot’s stations can be easily adapted to the Veklumph form, which is why the species does not have Increased Life Support as a racial disadvantage.


Humanity is fortunate in that they are extremely friendly with the Veklumph; for some reason, the Veklumph talent with spaceflight does not permit them to shoot particularly well.  The Human expertise with gunnery of all sorts made the Veklumph instant allies; it helps that the two species are reasonably psychologically compatible, while still being recognizably alien. The two species in fact work well together personally, as both find each other’s appearance to be ‘freaky,’ but not ‘monstrous.’  Also, the physical tics and neuroses of one species simply won’t be really perceived by the other species.


Except for the loudness, of course.  Veklumph are loud.  And they’re not shy about being loud, either.  When you’re that good at flying spaceships, you find that other species forgive you your average decibel level.


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