Back from @WashingCon.

It went well, I think. Five people for the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game, four for the In Nomine one; I had one person in each game who had played the game before, so we did a bunch of on-the-fly teaching and I streamlined a lot. The important thing was for the players to have fun, and I’m pretty sure that they did.

But dear Lord but con games take a lot out of me.  I was conked out by 10 PM last night, although the beer certainly helped.  For there was beer. I’ve finally figured out the Georgetown on-campus bar hours.  I had to maneuver through endless construction zones to get there, mind you — but that was a minor matter, and easily navigated.

Moe Lane

PS: I should possibly try to get to know the WashingCon staff a bit better; this is, like, the third con of theirs I’ve run games for and I doubt any of them would recognize me if we met on the street.  Which is my fault, sure.  I’m just so worn out after running one of these that I feel little urge to socialize further.

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