Some details about what’s going to be in Part 2 of It.

Apparently they’re going to take a stab at the Ritual of Chud, which Cinemablend plausibly calls “The Weirdest Element From The Book” (‘plausibly’ because there’s a metric butt-ton of FWS* in the book version of It, and I haven’t read the book recently).  For those unfamiliar with the book, it’s more or less a magical ritual influenced by what’s politely called ‘indigenous’ practices these days (unless the term of art has changed), only the person who came up with it doesn’t actually have any real tradition in mind and is in the process of writing one of the best horror books of the 20th Century that involves kids.  As I recall, the miniseries didn’t even goram try to put the Ritual of Chud up on the screen**.

This is interesting to me because, all in all, the first It movie could be kind of restrained.  Well, for a bloody horror movie.  There were things in the book that weren’t going to show up in the movie (the most obvious one being too indelicate for me to type out); so if they’re going to have it be a bit more surreal in part 2 that’s going to be pretty noteworthy.  And a little risky.  Still, they made a ton of money with the last one and I liked it, so guess they’ll roll those bones, hey?

Moe Lane

*Funky Weird S…tuff.

**To be fair, the giant glowing hand at the end of The Stand miniseries should hopefully teach a valuable lesson in the dangers of too-faithfully reproducing a print author’s artistic vision.  It was fine on the printed page; but as reproduced by cutting edge 1990s SFX, slightly less so.

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  • bensdad00 says:

    Still never gonna pay to see it since they lied through their teeth about the first film – never once admitting it was only the first part of a multi-installment movie. When you label a movie Stephen King’s IT, without any qualifier, and only deliver half the film, FCK you.

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