Good news / bad news on the weather here.

Good news: we’re probably missing the worst of it.

Bad news, part 1: North Carolina’s gonna get both barrels of Hurricane Florence.

Bad news, part 2: we’re going to get between two to four inches of rain.  It won’t be that bad here, but

Washington has received about 46 inches of rain this year, which ranks the fourth-most on record, year to date, since 1872. Six inches have fallen since late August alone.

Because our soils have been essentially transformed into mush, trees are no longer well rooted in the ground. If strong winds materialize, they could come down in great numbers.

It’s rained a lot on DC this year, yes.  Not enough for the folks down in Dizzy City to get past their instinctive “FALLING SKY-WATER! THE SKY GODS HAVE CURSED US!” reaction to rain, but it’s rained a lot.  It would not take much to paralyze the District for a few days.  Good thing WashingCon was last weekend…

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  1. You say “Paralyze the District” like that’s a bad thing? I respect that it’s your home and all, but consider the greater good. 😉

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