In the Mail: the veritable Hall of Judgment.

It’s very nice.

Also, Hall of Judgment looks to be much easier to use in print format than it was as a PDF.  When I ran it at WashingCon, I cut out everything that wasn’t the abandoned town and barrow because I figured that the players could clean it out in four hours without feeling either sluggish or rushed.  And they did!  The paladin fighting a fire demon (made up on the spot) while the mage, priest, and druid did buffs and the fighter got all the walking dead who were chill and honorable and stuff* to help him go fight the bad walking dead.

So, you know, it’s a good supplement and people had fun playing it.  If you do GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, check Hall of Judgement out.

Moe Lane

*My players instinctively knew NOT to loot the barrows and NOT to attack the walking dead who weren’t attacking them.  It’s always nice to play with adults.

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