The Litany of the Twelve.

Been sitting on this for a while.  Not sure what to do with it.

Litany of the Twelve – Google Docs

Hear now the Litany of the Twelve.  All Monsters are fruit from one of these trees.  All have their weaknesses; all have their strengths.  Beware even the weakest of them, and pray to whatever god you follow that you never meet a Monster’s Avatar.

  • First came the Angels and the Devils, forever fighting their war.  Know them for their merciless smiles and blood-drenched wings.  Their hate for each other is such that it blots out their reason.
  • The Blood-Drinkers have spread their hunts far and wide.  They live and die by the blood, and gather it by more ways than there are stories.  They chase the sun, but never dare catch it.
  • Some Corpse-Gnawers remember speech, after a fashion. Others remember nothing but the Hunger.  Fear both, respect both; but keep meat handy, lest meat you become.
  • Skin-Changers creep and run and lurk in the dark places of the Earth.  They love the Beasts they become, and the freedom it gives them to shout and revel and kill in joy. Their eyes are always on the Hunt, and their mouths always itch for the taste of another’s throat.
  • Some think that the Beast-Men are Skin-Changers, but that is a lie.  The Beast rules the Skin-Changer; the Beast-Man masters the Beast. They have no need to change to kill, nor do they need an excuse.
  • What are the Un-Born?  They are mockeries of life, and mock it themselves.  The Un-Born feel nothing. Even their murders are done out of inexorable fate.
  • Warlocks and Witches are two sides of the same corroded coin.  The Warlock steals power from the universe, and the Witch steals power from life.  They hate each other, yet one will not raise a finger against the other.
  • There have been many Counterfeits; they delight in pretending to be that which is feared, or appeased, or avoided.  They meddle, and forget that others are real. Fear their laughter.
  • There have always been the Loathsome, but their day has come at last.  They are wrong.  They should not be.

And then there is Mankind.  Fear Man most of all, for he is the killer of Monsters. He is the Monster that was put upon Earth to keep the rest of us in our place.

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  • Rockphed says:

    Angel, Devil, Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf, Werewolf, Promethean/Frankenstein, Warlock, Witch, Fairy, Goth, Human. I am unsure about one of the werewolves and goths. Okay, so I am completely sure that goth is wrong.

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