Movies of the Week: the Mission: Impossible 5-Movie Collection.

Twenty bucks for all five of the previous movies: Mission: Impossible 5-Movie Collection.  Either there’s something wrong with this DVD, or the suits decided that it was smart to put all of ’em in one case so that people could binge ’em before watching the latest film.  I mean, that’s what I’m going to do; it’s probably too late to see it in theaters around here, but I figured that I could catch up in time for the DVD release.  And I was in the Best Buy today, recycling some electronics, and I walked past the DVDs, wondering if there was a collection.  There was.  And it’s ridiculously priced, for a series that everybody says is consistently good.  I ain’t gonna argue with them, though.  Sometimes, I guess Hollywood just has a rush of oxygen to the brain.


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