Tweet of the Day, I Hope The Snakes Apologized edition.

How utterly blase this woman is about it.

I dunno whether it’s because she’s a professional, or just being very Australian about it.


  • 1_rick says:

    “How utterly blase ”

    Well, duh, it’s Australia. “Fighting snakes falling through the ceiling today” is what they call Wednesday.

  • Aruges says:

    “First of the season”… I got noth’n

  • jetty says:

    Is everyone there as tough as nails? That lady is providing commentary like she’s on a home improvement show. If that had been my house, my wife (who is pretty tough in her own right) would have screamed out of the place and never, ever have stepped foot back inside.

  • CWC says:

    The narrator is a professional snake catcher, USA Today says, so it’s not that surprising she stays calm.

    The key thing about snakes here in Australia is that some species are dangerous, but most species aren’t. Those are carpet pythons, which are not poisonous. Dealing with Taipans or Tiger Snakes would be a very different story.

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