Always fun when the Internet implodes.

As in, my personal Internet.  It just… failed.  And then came back, and failed, and came back, and then said all my security certificates were expired, and then took me to my provider and had me set up a new wireless network*, and then failed again.  And so I finally call in to my ISP to get help… and it resolves itself the second he starts chat**.

So that was a fun couple of hours!

Moe Lane

*Yes, I agree, that was weird.  I think that the ISP network itself went amnesiac, and needed some time to remember things again.

**Dude had the brilliant effrontery to claim credit for that, and I let him do it and gave him a glowing review for it.  I respect an honest scoundrel, particularly when it doesn’t cost me any money to do so.  Blame my Irish blood.


  • Rockphed says:

    I love when things fix themselves as soon as I show up. It always makes being a lab instructor so much easier since I don’t have to de-bug the silly students’ code.

  • JustDave says:

    What’s really unsettling about when the Internet goes out is finding out how much of my daily routine requires Internet access.


    Can’t work without the Internet. Can’t write software, can’t waste time on YouTube, can’t go take an online class, can’t go complain on some message forum.

  • jeboyle says:

    Hmm. All of that sounds very suspicious to me. Probably a good story behind it all, but not likely you’ll ever hear it.

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