*Finally* finished Season One of The Tick.

It was good!  The second half of The Tick was a little smoother than the first half, and I liked the first half just fine.  I also liked everybody’s character development and how the show never devolved into self-parody.  The message was, I think, “You never know when somebody will turn out to be awesome.”  I even ended up liking the guy who was kind of a jerk*, because the thing was he knew that he was kind of a jerk, and he was actually doing a better job than I credited him for in trying not to be.

Also, once I figured out that the guy playing the Tick was channeling Adam West not in mockery, but admiration, things clicked a bit for that character. The Tick and the Adam West Batman would have gotten along well.  And a lot of stuff between the Tick and Overkill needs to be filtered through that lens, I think.

So: worth your time if you haven’t watched it yet.

Moe Lane

*No, not Walter.  Walter’s a great guy!  We need more people like Walter out there.

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