Patreon microfiction: I Work For a Living.

I Work For A Living” implies something that I’ve long believed: if time travel is possible, then time travelers would avoid this era like the plague. I mean, we have the concept — which means the risk that one of us primitive savages would put two and two together and get “this arrogant jackwagon is from AD 2500” is just far too high. And they’d be arrogant, insufferable, condescending jackwagons, too. Imagine how we’d react to visiting Elizabethan London. We’d all need special training just to avoid vomiting at the smell.


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  • Rockphed says:

    See, smart time travelers create shell companies to safeguard their artifacts through time. The “find cheap artifact and put it in storage” scheme is almost bound to fail, if for no other reason than because I expect looting of undisturbed, long-term storage to become very popular in 2357 AD. My reasoning would give away just how many time travelers I have trapped in my basement.

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