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Klacz Nocy Energy Distributors


Despite the name, it’s an energy brokerage company operating out of Bangkok.  Klacz Nocy specializes in brokering deals between the smaller Thai natural gas drilling companies and the ravenous maw of Chinese industry; the company arranges between one and three LNG shipments via cargo boat per year, and has a quietly excellent reputation for providing shipments on time, of good quality, and without much in the way of expensive complications.  Recent troubles in the Thai natural gas market seem to have no effect on Klacz Nocy, either. If anything, the company has increased shipments slightly to match the demand.

Which is what triggered the alert on the company; well, that and the fact that ‘Klacz Nocy’ means ‘Mare of the Night’ in bad Polish.  Klacz Nocy isn’t even remotely Polish, in fact; it was founded in 2003 by two Canadian businessmen with a remarkably sketchy paper trail and who disappeared in a light boating accident in 2005.  Since then the company has been run by a variety of holding companies and LLCs, with various attorneys-of-record coming in and out to sign various paperwork.


Nobody’s really noticed because Klacz Nocy isn’t playing financial games; it pays its taxes, keeps open books, has no ties to organized crime (and is certainly not laundering money for them), and keeps passing random audits and inspections in a non-suspicious manner.  At least, that’s what the first pass-through of the investigation found. More dedicated searching uncovered that while the natural gas that Klacz Nocy brokers is real, some of the drillers that it’s supposedly buying from are not. They’re just shell companies there to take checks.  The shipments come into the cargo boats, get loaded into the tanks, and that’s the end of it.


Again, nobody notices because the money’s about right for the industry.  Almost aggressively right, in fact. It’s like somebody just uses the numbers for the average cost of a barrel of Thai LNG at the time of shipment, and then calculates the price that way.  There’s never any external fluctuations, which is flat-out weird for something as volatile as the energy market.


At this point, you’re probably wondering why anybody would care.  Let me put it this way: cross-indexing maleficent supernatural events in the PRC with a history of Klacz Nocy shipments show a definite rise in activity about a week after a Klacz Nocy tanker unloads its cargo.  It’s not enough to warrant a full action team. Yet. It does warrant somebody looking into the situation, on-site.


And, as always, your team is ‘somebody.’


  • Rockphed says:

    “cross-indexing maleficent supernatural events in the PRC with a history of Klacz Nocy shipments show a definite rise in activity about a week after a Klacz Nocy tanker unloads its cargo.”
    Does this mean that Klacz Nocy customers are using natural gas for mischief?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I don’t know! That’s why it’s a seed. Maybe the gas is haunted! Maybe the gas is sold to people spreading chaos! Maybe the gas is being used to put down existing supernatural entities, only they don’t go down easy! Up to the GM. 🙂

  • junior says:

    Because the Peoples Republic of China just *loves* a bunch of round-eyes sniffing around in its business…

    On the other hand, investigating just where the gas is coming from (since some of the source companies apparently aren’t really in the drilling business) could prove to be equally useful, and far less problematic.

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