The ‘Solo’ Honest Trailer.

Gonna be honest: I think that Honest Trailers is being a little unfair.

I liked Solo, for what it was.  I think that eventually they’ll make a sequel (mind you, I also thought that it’d make a profit).  Admittedly, I have low tastes in cinema, but God knows if there’s a movie franchise that is stuck at having to live up to one specific movie, forever, it’s the Star Wars universe.  Which is both unfair to the movie, and the people who had legitimate gripes with the movie and the franchise and the hype and the other people watching the movies, to be sure.  But this is where we’re at.

And it’s a shame, because as a space heist flick I liked Solo just fine.  Although the multiple directors did not help.  Disney needs to be more careful about assigning directors who can see projects through, if they want my advice (they don’t).


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    TBF, Star Trek is in the same boat with *its* second movie, too. Even Nu-Trek can’t escape it. In fact, the movies recycled too much of Khan to supply plot points.

  • Compound says:

    I still note that I think if had been “Steve: A Star Wars Story” I would have likely enjoyed it more. Having characters without background baggage in it would have been more interesting to me.

    • 1_rick says:

      Solo was a competent heist movie.

      But people don’t want a competent heist movie, they want a *good* heist movie. And maybe if the crew hadn’t led with that “Lando’s a pansexual” and “the droid’s an SJW” stuff that was the next thing to a lie (as in, the claims weren’t really supported by the actions in the movie) they would’ve gotten more butts in seats.

  • Luke says:

    You’re kidding, right?
    They were much, much too kind to Soylo.
    Soylo was a bigger betrayal than Han shooting second and The Phantom Menace combined.
    I present the evidence:

    • acat says:

      I still chuckle every time I recall the theory that Kylo Ren is nothing more than a pastiche of Star Wars Fans Behaving Badly tropes..
      No heat or anything, I .. just thought Solo was a decent enough heist movie, and hope it will make sense when seen in context .. once Disney’s done figuring out what “context” even means.

  • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

    From what I can tell, the best thing to come out of Solo was the seed for a Darth Maul movie that takes place roughly concurrently.
    In the first act, Maul fights and kills an Inquisitor and takes part of their lightsaber, which he then uses to fix his and get the double-bladed one he has in this one and in Rebels. Before dying, the Inquisitor tells Maul he has no idea what he’s brought down on himself. In the third act, after slaughtering some Stormtroopers sent to apprehend him on Dathomir, he rhetorically asks his former master if he has anyone worthy of his skills to send after him.
    Enter Darth Vader.
    They have an epic lightsaber duel and Vader wins convincingly, which also connects to Rebels, when Maul was forced to admit he wasn’t strong enough to face Vader alone.

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