Happy Birthday, Will Smith! …And God help me.

Dude’s 50.  I’m not 50.  Nope!  Not me!  I’m… 48.


Funny thing about 50.  When you’re 10, you don’t think about 50 at all.  When you’re 20, 50 is — well, you know you’re going to get there.  Eventually.  But that’s longer away than the amount of lifespan you’ve had up to now.  You carefully don’t think about that at 25, of course, because it stops being true.

Somewhere around 35 or so you say, Eh. What’s the big deal?  You thought 30 was going to be bad, and it wasn’t!  And at 40, unless you had that midlife crisis scheduled for then, it’s still no big deal.  40 is prime of life!  So you go on with that.  And then you see that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is 50, and the fact that he bungee jumped into the Grand Canyon to celebrate it doesn’t quite obscure the fact that both you and he aren’t as young as you used to be.  Time ain’t stopping.  And my own 50 ain’t as far away as it used to be.

Still.  Awesome jump, Will.  Awesome jump.


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