My Non-Player Gentry Cards from the Good Society RPG.

Specifically, the Pride, Prejudice & Practical Magics expansion for it.

I decided that I would rather have my mental image of the character than one based on me personally, so I went with this sort of Roosevelt, mixed with Hyde from the new Mummy flick (easily the best character in that movie, honestly). I also originally wanted something a little more, ah, Gothic and Weird, but I’m gathering that the Good Society RPG folks are fighting a valiant battle against turning their magical expansion into another avenue for the Mythos, and I decided that I’m fine with that. If somebody runs a horror game using this game system, hell yeah but this is the NPG that’s going to go insane and try to sacrifice his bride on their wedding night.  I am content.

Moe Lane

PS: The artist is Aviv, and this is her site.

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