The ‘Outlaw King’ trailer.

I’m surprised I missed this.

Chris Pine! Is! Robert the Bruce!  Believe it or not, that stuff in the Outlaw King trailer may not be entirely inaccurate; Scottish history can be, ah, dramatic at times.  Although it seems to be stopping before the battle of Bannockburn, for some reason.  Guess I’ll find out why when it hits Netflix in November.

2 thoughts on “The ‘Outlaw King’ trailer.”

  1. WANT!
    I must watch this.
    As soon as possible.
    (Clan Buchanan was kind of important in this story. I get to grouse about how Hollywood depicts my ancestors!)

    1. I was actually a little upset that the trailer wasn’t glaringly off. How can I be properly snooty if they don’t give me an opening for it?

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