The “Oh, Dear” Will Ferrell Holmes and Watson trailer.

As I noted on Twitter: can you hear that?

Yeah, that’s the whine of a movie that’s just gunned its engines and gone into as vertical a powered crash dive as it can manage as it aims for the landscape below.  I am not going to say that it looks like Holmes and Watson is bad, for what it is.  But what it is is a Will Ferrell movie that seems determined to make fun of our current take of Sherlock Holmes.  So I’m just not sure who is going to go see it.

Then again, I didn’t see the point of either Daddy’s Home flick, and they made money, so what do I know?


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    TAG was supposed to be a Ferrell flick, and I can see where they (barely) filed the serial numbers off.

  • bennamc says:

    Well it’s continued confirmation that movie comedy is dead. Snappy dialogue delivered by well dressed adults is sadly a thing of the past. Excuse me as I go watch Philadelphia Story or maybe His Girl Friday or heck maybe just watch both and see how it’s really done.

    • Rockphed says:

      I love His Girl Friday. The lines, in and of themselves, are nothing to write home about, but everything is moving so fast that lines and actions that would normally not be able to build up properly instead build a magnificently hilarious story. This trailer just reminds me that Farrell is only capable of playing a complete moron.

  • JustDave says:

    So the latest Will Farrell movie looks like it’s going to be like every other Will Farrell movie? This is my not shocked face.

  • Aruges says:

    Aren’t we kind of done with the Sherlock revivals? The BBC show ran out of steam years ago, the RDJr movies only made it to 2, which leaves Elementary as the sole entry in the genera. I guess making a parody of a just passed fad isn’t that uncommon, but it doesn’t seem like the greatest setup for success either.

  • Luke says:

    The horror, the horror!
    I am mature enough to make Will saves, and not click links I know will upset me.
    Most days.

  • Phil Smith says:

    Ferrell movies that I didn’t hate:

    1. Elf. Loved it in fact.
    2. Stranger Than Fiction. Ditto – and very surprised.
    3. The Producers.

    There may be a couple more he didn’t destroy, but I wouldn’t walk across the street to see this one.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I had the exact same reaction to Stranger Than Fiction!

    • mikethegrate says:

      I’d add the following, which I think transcended, to one degree or another, the purely stupid comedy that Ferrell is known for:

      1. Step Brothers (endlessly quotable, provided you have similarly degenerate friends)
      2. Anchorman (love or hate it, it’s a cultural touchstone)
      3. Zoolander (as much as you can call that a Ferrell movie)
      4. Blades of Glory (hey, these aren’t all total gems)

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