Tweet of the Day, Many Happy Returns edition.

I almost wrote “Be Seeing You,” but people would have gotten the wrong idea.

I absolutely would have bought this comic.  Admittedly, not at the time, but I would have tracked it down some time in the 1990s or 2000s.  The Prisoner was excellent AND OH WOW IT’S ON PRIME.


  • Luke says:

    I want that art book.
    But not quite enough to pay fifty bucks for it.
    Did you catch the “reimagined” version on Sci-Fi a few years back?
    I’d probably have liked it better if it had a different title. It wasn’t bad per se, but it was NOT The Prisoner. It was largely a paean to Utilitarianism, which rather badly misses the whole point.
    I really hated it for most of the run, but that’s mainly because of the direct comparison to the original.
    It’s worth noting because they absolutely nailed the denouement (no relation to the original, by this point it embraced being it’s own thing). The final scene was powerful enough that it mostly redeemed the miniseries.
    Had they given it a different name, but kept the “be seeing you” salute and penny-farthings as background motif, I’d likely have appreciated the references while still taking it on its own terms.
    I did not know it was on Prime. I must introduce my kids.

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