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2018 Supay Enricher


This four-door, six-seat passenger van comes from Supay Motors, a small Argentinian automotive company that recently started exports to the United States.  It’s sturdy. It’s cheap. It gets good mileage, doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance, and even has a certain bulky charm to it. The Supay Enricher is turning out to be a good van for groups that need to move people and limited amounts of cargo around, and it has already gotten a reputation for being extremely rust and corrosion resistant.  The vans are not yet ubiquitous on American roads, but they’re rapidly becoming just part of the background.

Which is the idea, of course.  Supay Motors is a South American front for the Preservers of the Sanguinary Remembrance, which is the usual Dark Cult with a taste for blood, Forbidden Lore, and ritualistic human sacrifice.  This particular batch of sadistic nihilists takes the position that the old gods should continue to receive regular offerings of human blood and life — and that the gods that didn’t once demand human sacrifices should be offered them anyway, just in case they’ve changed their minds. The Preservers aren’t very large, but they have money to spare, and useful idiots to manipulate.  In this case, the one running an automotive company.


The thing about the Supay Enricher is that it’s a van whose design has been altered to accommodate the needs of sacrificial cultists:  


  • The windows come tinted, and are only at the front seats.  
  • There has been extensive soundproofing of the body, and general liquid-proofing of the floor; this van does not leak.  
  • The rear doors can be opened one-handed, and the rear cargo space is specifically designed to accommodate up to three full body bags (more if you fold the rear seats forward).  
  • There are numerous places where someone can attach handcuffs or ropes.  
  • The seatbelts can be converted into more conventional restraints with only a few minutes’ worth of work.
  • All carpeting is removable, and easily washable in any event.  
  • There are multiple places to hide small weapons and supplies.
  • Electrical sockets and cigarette lighters have been placed in multiple locations throughout the car.  
  • The entire front seat section can be isolated from the rest of the van with the incorporation of a metal sheet usually found covering the rear cargo space.
  • The Supay Enricher comes with a full-sized spare tire, which is located outside of the car.  Mechanics tools are likewise accessible via the outside of the rear doors.


…and so on.  It’s not immediately obvious that an Enricher is optimized for cultist use; there’s no odd logo or disturbing sigil in the owner’s manual, no miasma of evil coming from the engine.  Most people who buy this van are doing so perfectly innocently, because it’s cheap and reliable. But anybody who can make the mental shift to contemplate the Enricher’s true ‘purpose’ will never be able to look at the van in the same way again.  It will become legitimately terrifying in its implicit menace — and implied popularity, at that.


Fortunately, there aren’t that many sacrificial cults in the United States; the Preservers simply wanted enough Enrichers on the road to disguise the presence of theirs, or maybe to ensure that they could always steal one in an emergency.  However, there is one wrinkle: this is also a fan well-suited for drug smuggling, human trafficking, and non-occult illegal body disposal. Which is to say that the violent criminal community has discovered the Supay Enricher, too.  And that means that law enforcement is currently doing so as well.


Or, put another way: somebody’s going to find an excuse to stop an Enricher, on the assumption that it’s carting around cocaine, and then discover that it’s carting around something infinitely more alarming. After the dust settles from that, what are the authorities going to do?  Why, they’ll call in a team of people that handle such things, of course.




  • junior says:

    I was halfway through the list of “features” when it suddenly occurred to me that ICE would be keeping a very close eye out for these vehicles.

    One other item worth noting –

    Due to the way that automobile sales work in the US, Supay Motors is going to have to cut a deal with an automotive company that already has a sales presence in the US. That company will agree to let their sales lots be used to sell Supay’s vehicles.

    Also, this article is generating some very creepy book advertisements…

  • Rockphed says:

    The Enricher sounds like a decent vehicle for a team of occult troubleshooters, all things considered. Well, not this one; this one should be melted down and forged into crosses or doors for a cathedral. But you said you had a few currently impounded for use in smuggling and human trafficking? When will they be auctioned off?

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