Tweet of the Day, But Is It ART? edition.

I’m entertained…

…but my wife pointed out that the person who actually purchased this for 1.4 million quid(?) might not be laughing, and s/he might reasonably consider this worth pursuing a criminal action.  I don’t know; it was done in England, and I don’t know the laws there. I don’t think any money changed hands?

Heck, I don’t even know if the painting is now worth less, or more, now that the stunt happened.  If I had two million to spare I’d buy the remains and then brazenly celebrate the whole thing until Banksy himself was muttering about how I was missing the point, then sell it for 3 million to a rich idiot and send Banksy a case of champagne or something.

Because art is where you find it, that’s why.


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