Fallout 76 reviews starting to come in.

This one from Gamespot is interesting.  Short version: Fallout 76 looks a lot like Fallout 4, but with other people.  Entertainingly, it looks a lot like my modded version of Fallout 4, in that there are leaves on the dang trees and everything (I just can’t get into the unmodded Fallout aesthetic*).  A whole lot of the mechanics and the GUI is identical, in fact.  But it’s not quite identical, and I assume that the differences will get me humiliatingly killed a few times.

Well, we’ll see in a month.

Moe Lane

*It’s been a long damn time.  The trees and the grass would come back.  Even if radiation is weird and entertaining in this universe.


  • junior says:

    *It’s been a long damn time. The trees and the grass would come back. Even if radiation is weird and entertaining in this universe.

    Yeah, that’s one of the things that I’ve noted about Fallout 4. It’s been, what, how many hundreds of years since the war? Fallout 4 is apparently set quite a while after Fallout 3, and that was already well past the end of the war. And yet, you walk into a hotel that’s currently in use, and you’d never know that it had been that long.

    Things are apparently going much better out on the other side of the country, with the NCR. But the East Coast – aside from the Brotherhood (and they’re not exactly nice guys) – seems to be stuck in stasis.

    • acat says:

      I thought there was a lack of rainfall thing – especially out in New Vegas, but “the war messed with weather patterns” or something…
      That said .. if everything was dead, right down to the soil microorganisms, the re-colonization would be based on wind and worms from less-dead areas. Seeds blowing into the dead zone may not find dead soil very easy growin’, and so on.
      So .. a big dead zone for a long, long time is conceivable .. but still, weird.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    I think part of the Bethesda games’ aesthetic stem from them trying to tie the look into the original games- which are set in the desert. The brown consumes all.

    For Fallout 4, I think they desperately wanted the contrast between the old world look and the new. Bright, primary colors. The deep rich green of the grass. The bright red of the cars.

    How would you know an apocalypse happened if everything wasn’t dead? Which is silly. Last of Us did at least one thing right in how the world after would look.

    Looking forward to this. Still need to preorder.

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