The Batman: The Animated Series Honest Trailer.

Honest Trailers has views on Batman: The Animated Series.

Extremely sensible ones.  This is one of the Honest Trailers where they didn’t try real hard to nit-pick it, mostly because there isn’t that much to nit-pick.  I mean, dagnabbit: Batman: The Animated Series ruled so hard it violated the Constitution’s requirement for republican forms of government.  Sometimes you just gotta know your limitations, amirite?

One thought on “The Batman: The Animated Series Honest Trailer.”

  1. I love that technically Conroy has been portraying Batman longer than anyone else in the role, if you count all animated series (and Mask of the Phantasm) that he’s been in.

    Superman: TAS is a close second to Batman as far as animated series go, also getting the villains so right. When I think of Lex Luthor, it’s that version.

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