Location seed: Kikimi Crash Zone.

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Kikimi Crash Zone


Three days ago, something that officially was not an invading starship officially did not engage in orbital combat with a fleet that officially does not operate under the jurisdiction of the North American Orbital Navy (which itself does not exist).  After that battle did not happen, the invader absolutely did not crash land about thirty miles north and west of Kikimi, a village in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Because of that, obviously there have been no actions by forces loyal to either what passes for the DRC’s government, or the People’s Republic of China (which is doing its level best to turn the DRC into a mining colony), in order to secure the crash site.

OK, that last part perhaps should not be read with quite the same level of deniable sarcasm.  Either the DRC and/or the PRC haven’t actually taken action yet; or else they tried, only to have their rapid-reaction teams disappear without a trace, with not even one last single, panicked scream on the radio to remember them by.  Without having boots on the ground, it’s hard to say which scenario is more likely.


So, yes, time for boots on the ground. Salvaged alien technology is always worth taking some trouble over, even when it’s crashed into the ground from orbit; and these particular aliens are sufficiently nasty that nobody really wants them romping around in central Africa.  A full expeditionary force is, naturally, impossible at the present time, but a small team can go in, do a quick and dirty check of the site, and determine whether the crash zone needs to have a few tungsten-iron bars dropped on it from orbit. There’s nothing like a Crowbar From God for sanitizing a black ops site.


Oh, and keep an eye out for whoever the Chinese may have sent.  Who knows? If they exist, they might be grateful for rescue, because certainly their own government seems disinclined to send a follow-up team.  And you never can tell when a good deed in a cruel, uncaring world might end up paying dividends later.

7 thoughts on “Location seed: Kikimi Crash Zone.”

  1. Is the ONAN a shadow government thing, or did the US and Canada decide to share responsibility for populating their space forces?

    1. It’s not exactly SHADOW government. More like Cartoon Eighties multi-national GI JOE. They’ve actually got most of the countries down to Panama on-board.

      1. Sounds like a much more regional version of Stargate Command’s fleet in the later episodes of SG-1.

        Which, of course, does not exist. Just like the lost city of Atlantis never landed somewhere out in the ocean.

    2. Did Moe do a stealth edit to change Orbital North American Navy to North American Orbital Navy? ‘Cause otherwise I don’t see where you get the acronym ONAN (and hilarious references to ONANism).

      1. No, his has always been NAOM. I might have swapped the letters around on purpose. I had completely forgotten about Onan being a biblical person.

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