NaNoWriMo, Day 2: 1639/3316.

I think that we hit a good point for the end of the first chapter, too: our hero has gone to the crime seen and just met the chief suspect.  It seems a natural stopping point.  1,639 words today, for a total of 3,316, and the recycling of previous bits from “Frozen Out In Cin City” will have to cease for a few days.  I have to add some more characters, flesh out the ones introduced so far, and all that other fun stuff.  I really should have done this as a novel from the start, but at least I know how the blessed thing ends, and how the hero got there.

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  • dljessup says:

    No, you *think* you know how the blessed thing ends, just because it turned out that way in the short story’s timeline. Don’t be surprised if the characters hove other opinions.

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