Item Seed: Lockcracker.

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Description: Lockcracker was clearly adapted from a 1950s one-handed Geiger Counter; the cover and dials have been painted over, the buttons have all been disabled, except for one painted red, and the hand-held sensor unit has had three wires added.  One wire ends in an alligator clip; another in a thin, flat piece of metal with rounded edges, and the last in a what appears to be a very tiny microphone. If Lockcracker has batteries (the casing is quite thoroughly soldered), they haven’t been replaced in fifty years.

Lockcracker opens locks.  All locks. And yes: all locks.  To operate: take the sensor unit, and jam the appropriate wire into the lock, with ‘appropriate’ being defined as ‘the wire that will stay in place.’  Hit the button. The lock then opens. Every time. This works on mechanical locks, keycard doors, surveillance cameras, biometric scanners, password-protected websites, burglar alarms, lockdown protocols, encryption software; if the item can arguably be defined as a ‘lock,’ Lockcracker will open it.


Yes, everybody would love to get their hands on this item. And, indeed, many people have.  The problem is, while it’s often very difficult for somebody to get to a point where they can steal Lockcracker, once they’ve actually stolen it getting away is often a trivial exercise.  At this point it’s just considered wisest to swipe Lockcracker away from whoever had it last whenever its unique abilities are required, and then not fuss overmuch when it’s later swiped by somebody else.  It’s also considered bad form if the person doing the swiping immediately uses it against the organization Lockcracker was swiped from. Better to let it work its way through the Black Ops ecosystem first, and all that.

Oh, and for the record: what this item doesn’t work on is people.  Trying to use Lockcracker to ‘unlock somebody’s heart’ simply won’t do anything.  Except maybe embarrass everybody who sees the attempt.


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