In Nomine Revisited: Agaf, Free Lilim Demon of Tequila

Sober as a judge, actually. I just got reminded of this writeup, that’s all.

Agaf – Google Docs

Free Lilim
Demon of Tequila

Corporeal Forces: 3    Strength: 6 Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence: 7 Precision: 9
Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12

Vessel/4 (Human female, +3 Charisma)

Word Forces: 3

Skills: Chemistry/3, Dodge/6, Driving/5, Emote/4, Fighting/4, Knowledge (Drinking Rituals/6), Ranged Weapon (pistol/2, Shotgun/5), Savoir-Faire/6, Seduction/6, Small Weapon/3 (Knife)

Songs: Charm (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/6, Celestial/6), Healing (Corporeal/6), Shields (All/3), Sleep (All/3)

Attunements: Lilim of Drugs, Lilim of Gluttony, Consume, First Time, Demon of Tequila

Demon of Tequila: There is always a bottle of tequila within twenty or so feet of Agaf.  Any time, any place, any situation: rumor has it that she may be the only demon to ever leave Limbo drunk.

Rites: Do a shot.

Say what you like about the revolving door that is the Princedom of Drugs, but it does present opportunities.

Agaf should know, as she took advantage of one.  The Lilim got her start in Drugs two Princes ago; her service was sufficiently meticulous that it earned her the minor Word of Tequila under the last Prince of Drugs.  When that unworthy went where all Princes of Drugs eventually go, Agaf, not being particularly foolish, immediately began working for Haagenti as an independent contractor assigned to his very powerful Demon of Alcohol.  Given the nature of demons, and the nature of Servitors of Gluttony, and the general appearance of Lilim, one can imagine the unaesthetic nature of some parts of her service.

Fleurity’s (the latest Prince of Drugs) ascension thus proved to be fairly useful; Agaf was able to avoid formally swearing herself to his service, instead opting for essentially the same arrangement that she had with Gluttony that did not include requirements on what kind of clothing she was required to wear, let alone how much of it.  It was frankly a seller’s market, all in all. Fleurity Needed any kind of access to the Word of Alcohol that he could get without going to open war with Haagenti, and Agaf Needed Prince-level patronage. The two of them are well enough pleased with their deal.

Which doesn’t mean, of course, that Fleurity isn’t going to shy from screwing it up if circumstances warrant.  After all, eventually he and Haagenti are going to resolve this ridiculous assignment of a word of Drugs to Gluttony, and it’s entirely possible that the existing Demon of Alcohol will not survive the negotiation process.  Should such an unfortunate event come to pass, naturally Fleurity will need to nominate an appropriate candidate for the Word, and of the ones he has, Agaf is easily the best choice. Of course, that is incompatible with being a Free Lilim, but sacrifices must be made, no?

It might surprise the Prince of Drugs to find out that Agaf would readily say ‘No’ to that last question.  Agaf has very little interest in being promoted to a position where she gets to be a ball batted between two Demon Princes — excuse me, a Demon Prince and an ‘Archangel’ — and, really, as things go she currently already enjoys the status that comes being both Word-bound and Free.  Well, Free enough to be able to use the title; she has no Geas still outstanding on her, thanks to her previous bosses going down the memory hole, and temporary jobs don’t count. At any rate, she has enough status and rank to suit her — and adding more of either will be more than balanced out by the commensurate hassles and restrictions.

As the above may show, Agaf isn’t a very ambitious sort of demon — or, more accurately, her ambitions have already been satisfied and she doesn’t feel the urge to find a new brass ring to shoot for.  She’s very happy to forgo arcane political maneuvering in favor of going out clubbing; she’s a party demon who knows precisely how alluring she is — and enjoys every second of it. Strictly speaking, Agaf’s not as much evil as totally indifferent to good; she does what pleases her, and there aren’t that many entities out there who can do something about it.  Her activities won’t win or lose the War, but the Word of Tequila does its share for the cause of Hell, especially among the younger talking monkeys (who should really know better).

As for personal issues… well, it’s amazing how many people out there Need to do body shots involving someone like Agaf.

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