So, it’s official: Disney+ to do Loki shows.

They’re calling the Disney streaming service ‘Disney+’ now, in case that wasn’t obvious.  Anyway, this comes from the company, and it’s been hinted at before:

Word on a Loki show was first reported back in September by Variety, when it revealed there were plans for new series focused on MCU characters who had not starred in their own movies. (Scarlet Witch was another name mentioned.) Each show was reported to consist of 6-8 episodes and be made using a sizable budget. More recently, Variety reported that a new show was also on the way that would feature the Winter Soldier and Falcon.

We’re just getting confirmation.  Disney+ will be coming out sometime late in 2019, and it will probably be a hit.  I mean, I’ve already come to grips with the fact that I’m gonna have to get it.  I’m probably not the only person in America who has had that particular moment of self-revelation.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, he did.  …And?  These are comic book movies, folks.  …or TV shows.  Anyway, Death raises a really good point here.

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