Doing some revisions to end out the night.

I have a bunch of stories that could use revisions, editing, cleaning, or just revisiting because I sent them out last year, got them rejected, and then panicked and decided that they were ‘trunk stories’ and thus must be kept hidden until the Trump of Doom.  Which is silly.  They can’t earn for me if I don’t try to sell the dang things.  So I decided to work on one tonight, in order to finish up tonight.

You gotta keep trying to publish, man.  That’s like a Heinlein rule, right? I think it is, at least.

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  • nicklevi86 says:

    Or, to quote Larry Correia: Your first objective as a professional writer is to GET PAID.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      That’s the terrifying thing about this business: even the low level of monthly income I’m getting off of my writing is apparently still above the median.

      • acat says:

        Most “professional writers”, like most “professional musicians” and “professional thespians” are not in any recognizable way “professional” .. they’re doing horrible shades-of-gray things to the word “professional” for what amounts to the ego-boo.
        This is especially wrong for wordsmiths.

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