In Nomine Revisited: Craft Skills.

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Craft Skills – Google Docs

Craft Skills


These skills are mostly for making a living, but they might prove useful in other contexts. Note that they all also can be taken as a Knowledge skill: however, those versions emphasize theory over practice.


All Craft Skills will be at -3 if the user lacks proper tools: incorrect or inferior parts will give a penalty ranging from -1 to -4. These modifiers are cumulative. The Scrounging skill may reduce this penalty.


Agronomy (Precision) Default -2 – This skill covers most of the day-to-day skills involved in growing crops, from sowing to reaping.


Animal Handling (higher of Precision or Perception) Default -3 – Use this skill to care for domestic animals. If the user also has Medicine, he or she may also diagnose and treat common veterinary diseases. Roll at -1 to -4 for dealing with wild animals.


Blacksmith (higher of Strength or Precision) Default -3 – This skill is used to repair or make simple metal tools or objects by hand. If the user also has Artistry (sculpture), he or she may attempt to make decorative work at the same time.


Carpentry (Precision) Default -1 – This skill is used to make large wooden structures, from a box to a house. Ornate or complicated wooden structures require the Woodworking skill.


Mechanic (higher of Precision or Perception) Default -3 – The user may diagnose and repair mechanical devices. A specialty must be taken: possible ones include electric motors, clockwork mechanisms, or internal combustion engines. Skill rolls for something outside the specialty are at -4.


Plumbing (Precision) Default -1 – This skill allows the user to make, repair and replace pipe networks designed to carry fluid (-2 or more for toxic conditions or fluids).


Scrounging (Perception) Default -0 – Not a Craft skill per se, but very useful. A successful roll (modified for location, general availability of parts, danger of acquisition and whatever else the GM deems necessary) will reduce the penalty (by the Check Digit) for lack of parts/tools on any Craft skill by the (this can lead to a bonus to the roll).


Woodworking (either Precision or Perception) Default -1/-2 – Use the first characteristic to create furniture or wooden tools: use the second for delicate work (it’s really Artistry: Woodworking).


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