Item Seed: The Cincinnati Suitcase.

Cincinnati Suitcase – Google Docs

The Cincinnati Suitcase


Description: a blue-grey travel suitcase with spinner wheels and an extendable grip.  Internal capacity is 21” X 10” x 15”; when found, it contained a variety of clothes, toiletries, and miscellaneous items.  A ticket attached to the grip indicated that this luggage was part of a October 2016 flight from Dearfield Airport to Cincinnati International Airport, via Monarch Airlines.

The Cincinnati Suitcase just showed up on the luggage carousel one night in October 2016.  Nobody claimed it, so they put it with the rest of the unclaimed luggage. TSA later did a routine scan of the Suitcase, and was fairly shocked to find that it was radiating 100 mSv/day.  There was a fairly tense few moments when a team came in to assess the dangers of the luggage, but it turned out that there were no dangerous fissionables and/or nuclear waste in the item.  It was just simply ten times more radioactive than the average.


The Suitcase was eventually taken in hand by FEMA, and they discovered a lot of weird things about it.  To start off with, the clothes and items found inside were clearly mass-produced, but in a style unrecognizable to modern sensibilities.  What documents found inside the Suitcase are superficially normal, but there’s something subtly off about them.  More like an attitude or assumptions than anything else.  And, most importantly, the materials are all comprised of what appears to be hyper-tech plastics and polymers.  The Suitcase itself can withstand a .45 round at point blank range. The bullet doesn’t even ricochet, it just pancakes; the kinetic energy gets absorbed by the Suitcase somehow, then bleeds off.  And the clothes are equally wondrous.


Speculation abounds; and it’s not helped by the fact that Cincinnati International Airport is one of those places, where the weird things happen.  The alternate dimension researchers are having a fight with the metahuman manifestation scholars, and both are ganging up on the it’s-aliens and the it’s-magic teams.  And they all have good arguments for their side.  So, until then: somebody’s got to be the ones who have to tell all these people ‘no’ when they want to monopolize research time on the Suitcase.  Have fun!


…Oh, come on.  In terms of yearly exposure, this is barely worse than a mammogram.  And the Suitcase and its contents are usually stored in a shielded compartment anyway.  There’s nothing to be reasonably afraid of.