The ‘Elf’ (which I have never seen) Honest Trailer.

There.  THAT title should be mega click-bait.

I dunno why I’ve never seen Elf, though.  I just haven’t.  It’s not exactly to my usual tastes, I guess.  Plus, I find that Will Ferrell can go from zero to hella annoying and back again in the space of a minute, and I never know when it’s going to happen.  All of which means that I’ll probably end up being almost forced to watch it this holiday season, of course.  That’s usually how these things go.


  • Phil Smith says:

    I absolutely detest Will Ferrell as a comedic actor. He’s horrible in nearly everything; he drags down the quality of most of the films he’s in by simply appearing onscreen. I avoid his work like the plague.

    And I will watch Elf every time it’s on TV, like a rat pushing a button for a hit of heroin. He’s just great in that film, largely because the character goes from zero to annoying but it’s actually funny for once.

    • Gnarledhotep says:

      I was going to comment the same thing about Ferrell. I don’t get his appeal, which makes movie conversations with our neighbors (who are big fans of his) challenging. Although I haven’t seen Elf (because I avoid Ferrell like the plague), so maybe I simply haven’t seen the right movie.

      • nicklevi86 says:

        If you want Will Ferrell in something not very obnoxious at all, I highly recommend Stranger Than Fiction. He showcases his dramatic side a bit better, though it’s still a dark comedy.

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