In the Mail: Ogres Miniatures, Second Edition.

I assume that I got the latest OGRE Miniatures book as part of a Kickstarter, because damned if I can remember ordering it on its own. [Not on Amazon yet, either.]

It also came with extra OGRE punch-out minis, a bunch of cool individual OGRE cards for reference, and any number of other things that would be useful if I actually played the game. Which, yes, I should.  Maybe I should bring the whole thing with me to the next WashingCon and see if I can get a pickup game going.

3 thoughts on “In the Mail: Ogres Miniatures, Second Edition.”

  1. Very nice! I remember playing the original OGRE back in the late 80’s when it was in one of the little plastic boxes. I even had GEV and the battlesuit wargame set in that ‘verse. Although I think those didn’t survive one of the relocations I’ve done since back in the day.

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