The Netflix/BBC Animated ‘Watership Down’ trailer.

Actually, it may indeed be necessary.

The old movie is a classic of What the Hell, Hollywood?  — but animation has simply changed in style and even format since then.  The old version of Watership Down simply doesn’t pack the same punch in that regard as it did, back in the day.  This way, a new generation of parents can be horrified and appalled at what they just loaded up for their children because they thought Ooh, a show about rabbits.  That’s probably safe.  In that light, this is actually very exciting…

Moe Lane

PS: None of that was a criticism of the first movie.


  • junior says:

    Cautiously optimistic. The book is excellent, and even the first movie didn’t really do it justice. But the trailer has a few too many dramatic speech type of bits for my taste (that I don’t recall being in the book). That worries me somewhat.

  • Rockphed says:

    Is it just me or is the animation really low quality? If this comes up on netflix, I think I will be able to convince my daughters that it is not a fun and happy rabbit show fairly quickly.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      We may be on the wrong end of an aesthetics shift.

      • Rockphed says:

        It is like they tried for hyper-realistic, but didn’t have the money to actually get it right. Like the shadows are a little too dark and the the fur is a little too coarse. Maybe it was made for a weird framerate and swapping to whatever youtube uses introduced stuttering.
        It definitely looks like somebody used a cut-rate videogame engine to render a lot of it. In theory that is cool, and it is definitely better quality than Veggietales, but Veggietales at least works within its limits.

        • acat says:

          Ah, but VeggieTales (the earlier ones) characters were deliberately simplified down to look good with the technology available.

          • Rockphed says:

            That is what I meant by “VeggieTales works within its limits”. The characters are all fairly simple geometric shapes with eyes, nose, and mouth. I think in the first VeggieTales the most complicated thing was the (evil) green onions.

      • acat says:

        I dunno .. it seems sorta like they realized they couldn’t cross the Uncanny Valley so .. stopped.

  • Belcatar says:

    I hope it shows up on Netflix or Amazon Prime so I can watch it.

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