Phase Two Of The Great Marvel Fan-Madness to break out this weekend.

[Geek Tyrant] puts it succinctly enough: “Multiple sources confirmed that the trailer was supposed to drop today, but I found out this morning that the trailer has been pushed to Friday, December 7th. …It’s also being reported by Collider that the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home will drop this Saturday, December 8th during the Sony Panel at Comic-Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil, and it will then make its way online shortly after.”  The reason for this?  GHWB’s lying-in-state — and there are any number of people who are doubly grinding their teeth over that, let me tell you*.

Honestly, it’ll probably work out.  It gives Captain Marvel a little more time to increase its hype (not that it needs any**), while giving the old one-two punch on Friday and Saturday (not that either Avengers 4 or Spider-Man: Far From Home need it, either***).  Tell you something, though: if you’re tired of superheroes, there is no respite in sight for you for the next six months.  Two Spider-Man flicks, 2 MCU flicks, Aquaman, Shazam!, Bumblebee****; I’m sure I’m missing a few, at that.  It’s gonna be weird when this trend is over, hey?

Moe Lane

*Now, some might very well say that I am taking no little enjoyment over watching those people doubly grind their teeth — but I couldn’t possibly comment.

**It’s gonna be a monster of a movie.  Not least because we haven’t heard either jack or [expletive deleted] about any problems on the set.

***Even if Captain Marvel bombs, Avengers 4 will not.  If Avengers 4 bombs anyway, Spider-Man 2 (for a given value of ‘2’) might, but even then it’ll probably just have disappoint numbers and the next one will bomb.


2 thoughts on “Phase Two Of The Great Marvel Fan-Madness to break out this weekend.”

  1. Fine.
    But Bumblebee is still a VW Bug who talks too much.



    Captain Marvel is almost certainly going to suck. She’s quite possibly the least interesting superhero in comics history. Multiple Man manages to be many times as interesting, and I’m hard-pressed to remember anything about him.
    Worse, she’s a cosmic-level character. As if Hawkeye and Captain America weren’t already outclassed enough, they’re now going to be in the shadow of a Superman without the tragic backstory or idealism.

    1. Embrace the concept of Multiple Man, watch Michael Keaton in the overlooked classic ‘Muliplicity’ instead.

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