Tweet of the Day, Vampire Tom Cruise Wants To Tell You About Motion Smoothing edition.

After the fold, because the video auto-loads.  But I’ll put it up anyway.  It’s that important.

Via Hot Air.


  • Spegen says:

    He is not wrong. Was one of the first settings I changed when I bought my last TV. Amazing though that a relic of the early days of film movies still impacts us today on what we perceive as the right way movies show look. 24 frames per second was only chosen to save film because that was the slowest that the human eye accepted versus the 30-60 FPS that TV broadcasts uses.
    Film purists get cranky over this subject. Remember when Jackson filmed the Hobbit at 48 for 3D? People acted as if he committed a crime against humanity

    • bensdad00 says:

      To be accurate, Jackson committed many MANY other crimes in making the Hobbit films that are more severe.

      • acat says:

        At least Jackson hung a lampshade on the worst of the offenses by having Frodo say “We’re not even supposed to be here!” while at Osgiliath.
        Just sayin’ is all.

    • Luke says:

      The higher definition making special effects and makeup look dopey is much more damaging to willing suspension of disbelief.
      (I vividly recall one of my first exposures to 1080p clearly showing that the expertly painted wound was a prosthesis raised off the arm to add dimension.)

      • acat says:

        Watch “White Christmas” in high-definition sometime .. pay special attention to Frank Sinatra’s eye makeup.

  • Skip says:

    FWIW you can disable video autoplay in Chrome. It doesn’t work 100%, but it did work for me, on this video.

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