My Christmastime Patreon spiel! (With ShopRite animated flashing cheesecake!)

I was going to write up an entire song, set to the Can-Can music which I only know from my childhood watching supermarket commercials*. But I won’t do that, because it was going to suck, and I only show you good things. Like my Patreon! At a buck a month you get fiction every week, and a short story and gaming material every month. You want this deal. You need this deal.


Moe Lane

*See, this is why we have YouTube.

Also: yes, that was a surprising amount of thigh and panties for an animated supermarket commercial. It was 1983, man. It could get a little decadent out, at times.

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  • acat says:

    For Moe’s current Patreon subscribers … am I the only one who finds characters named “Jerry” challenging?
    Too much conflicting “Rick and Morty” and “Walking Dead” head-canon .. “is this a whiny self-important jerk or an ax-wielding foil?”
    For the non-Pateron subscribers .. this question will make more sense once Moe posts this week’s offering gratis.

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