Tweet of the Day, This Is A Little Freaky edition.

Have I put up something like this before? I may have.

This dialect analysis quiz still pretty remarkably accurate, though.  Picked up the fact that I’m from NY/NJ, but my parents are from Boston.  Guess this stuff is more obvious from the outside, huh? — Because I just assumed that I spoke General American.  Most people assume that, I suspect.


  • Luke says:

    My map is nearly all red, petering out to yellow on the Gulf Coast and the Tidewater, and into blue in the upper mid-Atlantic/New England.
    😉 I still have a bit of my regional accent, it’s just really hard to catch in tests like this as it’s based in intonation, pacing, and emphasis rather than pronunciation. It’s not easily identifiable, but when I get to talking with someone from the same region, one of us is asking where the other is from within a few sentences.

    • Luke says:

      While we’re discussing cultural differences, on this particular day, there is one comment must add.
      Go Navy! Beat Army!

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    Apparently, Salt Lake City and Seattle are virtually the same, as I get SLC every time and I’ve never lived there.

  • Aruges says:

    It got within 20 miles of my hometown. Pretty spiffy.

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