The remarkably cheeky ‘Brightburn’ trailer.

James Gunn apparently forgot to pick up some more f*cks at the store, which means that he’s run out of them now and certainly can’t pass any out.

Although work on Brightburn was probably started before the entire ‘got canned from Marvel’ thing.  Regardless, this looks like… something else, huh?  It may surprise you to find out that I have no real issues with Gunn doing up Superman’s origin story* as a straight-up horror flick.  Horror films have their own rules and this looks like it’ll be a hell of a lot more respectful to the source material than making a Superman movie where nobody dares say “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”

I’m just shocked that Sony was willing to take a slap at Warner Bros. this way, although there may be attack lawyers involved.  There often are.

Moe Lane

*Don’t insult my intelligence.  Or the intelligence of my readers.

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  • nicklevi86 says:

    Me watching trailer: “Wow, they’re not trying to be differ…HOkay, maybe we’re *not* in Kansas anymore.” At least not as we knew it.

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