Item Seed: Exotic Low-Velocity Explosive Sabot rounds.

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Exotic Low-Velocity Explosive Sabot rounds


For those times when you absolutely do not want to risk killing or even seriously hurting a hostage in a firefight.  They’re non-lethal ammunition, taken to a whole new extreme: when fired, an ELVES round inflates in mid-flight (Explosive Sabot), formd an oxygen-generating film that protects against kinetic and energy attacks (Exotic), then wraps itself around its target without hurting it (Low-Velocity).  This film will reliably act as protection against anything up to and including a fragmentation grenade going off under it; it will last up to twenty minutes before degrading, which is usually far longer than it takes for a firefight to resolve itself. The film even acts as a mild analgesic and antidepressant, upon contact with human skin.

ELVES rounds come in a range of calibers, but most police and HRT organizations only have one at any given time.  They don’t discuss how they get them, either; ELVES rounds never, ever, ever show up in official police reports. Or trials, either.  Nobody talks about them, period (this includes defense attorneys and criminals, oddly enough). Then again, not every police department has access to ELVES rounds, either.  


Just the ones who are, you know, Nice.


  • acat says:

    Maybe “expanding” instead of “explosive” .. maybe not.
    Maybe “for reasons not understood (exotic), the film transmogirifes kinetic energy into a pleasant [ pine | mint | cocoa ] smell. Note that the stronger the energy release, the further away the [ pine | mint | cocoa ] can be detected, it at no point becomes unpleasantly strong.”

  • junior says:

    Let me guess – the ones that aren’t nice get COAL instead?

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